Behind The Scenes


While studying Fashion Merchandising in Miami and belonging to a tech savvy generation, Maria and Gabriella noticed the need in a market like Miami to have access to national and international designers collections and different information that are mainly available in the major fashion capitals. Although the online shopping has cut some of these limitations, a city like Miami is still limited in fashion events, news and selection.

As young adults, they are always looking for the new and innovating trends and designers. They fall under the category of today’s customer that is always looking to stand out, be different, a pioneer. Early they understood that technology has created fascinating shortcuts in every major industry and that it all is developing in the blink of an eye. Using their knowledge, experience, contacts and out-of-the-box ideas they have created Port-No 8, a platform of information services for the fashion industry that gives the designer, brand and any other participant in the fashion industry a comprehensive analysis of the market, trends, news and customer feedback in real time. Now designers, brands, stores can have direct access to their customer’s segments and most importantly supply their demands.


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