About the Team


Coming form two different backgrounds, these partners complement each other in all possible ways.

“Gabby sees black and I see white, sometimes we obtain gray or sometimes the Ying Yang.”

Gabriella Celiberti was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Early in her childhood, she developed a great interest in marketing and advertising by attending with her family different film festivals and seeing commercials created by brands from all over the world.

At the age of 12 she moved to the United States and by 19, she was enrolled at the Miami International University of Art and Design and pursued a Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising. Since then, she has worked in sales, public relations, booking at a modeling agency, designer’s showroom, wholesale, publishing company and styling with well-known photographers. After working at Atrium, a well known high end boutique in Miami, she started noticing the amount of new designs brought into the store and how well they did even though they were not well known inspiring her to search for talent all over the world and want to introduce even more of them to the American Market. In 2009, she set up Agent Oito, an agency focused on introducing new talent to the American market and participated and promoted various international designers at trade shows around the United States. By maintaining a close relationship with not only the designers she represented but also others who had an interest in the market, she had first hand opportunity to really learn about their needs and what they would/could use to make their “1,001 Hats” they wear when starting off easier and save them time. After several meetings with Maria and sharing all of the valuable information gained from both of them in their careers, Port-No 8 evolved from a solid idea to a comprehensive project that found a market in need.

Maria Jimenez Fierro was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. Fashion has been in her DNA since her great grandmother. She grew up in a business/design oriented environment, her father a successful entrepreneur and her mother a truly artist by nature. Her background clearly explains why she later decided to study fashion merchandising. She inherited her fathers’ business skills and her mother’s artistic side.
Since an early age she was attracted to her mother’s fashion world and started working with her when she was only 14. From hand made invitations to fixing her own ballet tutus, Maria was always involved in the beauty of fashion. Her early career includes working in PR, styling – image consulting, fashion show production and creative director of her mother’s line.

Port-No 8 later comes as a natural evolution to solve the need she saw in the industry not only as a creative director of a fashion brand but also as the demanding young adult customer that she is. For her, the fashion industry is a world that has been half discovered.

“With the amazing technological tools that exist in the market and the bright minds with innovative ideas that exist out there, everything that you can dream of is possible. Designers and pioneers in the industry just need that extra valuable and filtered information about customers that will make them start working on projects that will change the way people buy, behave and see fashion. This extra valuable information is difficult to access or hard to find through the million different pages that are available in the internet. Port-No 8 through a sophisticated, informative platform helps the industry find in a user friendly, customized site all these information that will provide them real feedback of customers in real time. Port-No 8 uses technology to shorten the time of testing a product and to speed the process of brand productivity and development.”

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