About Us


Styles of Tomorrow is a blog dedicated for the fashion industry.

We like to abbreviate it to SOT, SOT by Port-No8 or SOT by PN8

SOT is a blog by Port-No8 offering the latest and more relevant fashion news, trends, focusing on discovering NEW TALENTS what we like to call STARS OF TOMORROW.

Very informative in a fun easy way to read and understand  keep yourself updated by following us on a daily basis.


SOT Team

Maria J & Gabriella C


What is Port-No8?

Port-No8 is a fashion startup that aims to provide a comprehensive information platform for the design community that consolidates trends, analytics, social media data and industry news. This information platform provides a complete suite of data allowing designers, stylist and other participants in the fashion industry to get more complete information about their brands, customers and their industry as a whole.

Port-No 8 aims to establish itself as the leading information aggregator and principal data provider for the fashion industry.


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