MBFW Swim Show Day 2 -Agua Bendita, Poko Pano


Inspired by the army including in their collection military jackets as cover ups, army brooches and medals to decor, the Colombian brand Agua Bendita filled all the expectations of the public. Being known by their overwhelmed prints, they stood true to their roots, this collection was no different and prints over prints, prints with stripes and combination of colors. It was a young collection where the military inspiration was very noticed but spanish (boleros) and mexican inspired pieces (the mexican fabric cover-up) where also seen during the show. Not because I am Colombia, but… Gabby and I really enjoyed the show!

Here are the best looks of the show

*Images by Getty

The second show was Poko Pano a Brazilian brand that different to what everyone else might think, didn’t showed extra sexy mini tiny little swimsuits but showed a more elegant, subtle and classic collection. The designs are definitely for a more older customer, the opposite from Agua Bendita. Take a close look at the pictures we took of what we think were the strongest looks of the night.

Here we are wearing our gorgeous Cashhimi handbags! <3



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