Fashion’s Latest Trend: 60 is the new 30


Earlier this month American Apparel revealed their latest ad campaign featuring a 61 year old model. When this happened not many people we amused as the american brand is known for their controversial advertising campaigns. But when Lanvin launched their campaign two weeks ago, featuring not one, but two women of advance age, 62, 82, the whole fashion world started wondering why?

No one knows the answer yet, but we are sure the fashion world wants to target a wealthier older audience. They have been left behind by the new fashion trends and bloggers, but hey hey lets not forget they are the ones who will actually wear a suit from Lanvin, and THEY CAN AFFORD IT.

We really like their campaign, it enhances the elegance of women no matter the age. Bravo to Lanvin!

What do you think?

Why is the new trend going on in fashion? What do you think about the ads?



2 Responses to “Fashion’s Latest Trend: 60 is the new 30”

  1. I’m tired of American Apparel’s shock-value ad campaigns. A 60+ yr old woman wearing their polo is not exactly age appropriate and leaves me confused. Lanvin, however, really hits it home with their ad showing a beautiful 60+ woman in a beautiful suit. And you are correct – she can actually afford it!

  2. Geraldine C. says:

    I love it. The pursuit of beauty and wisdom are what my life is about!

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