Hublot’s Miami Heat Watch Honoring their Success


To celebrate Miami Heat’s triumph Hublot has come with a limited edition watch made of 18k gold with the follow characteristics inspired in, well, the Miami Heat and Basketball.

-Features a special 48-minute central counter which simulates the four quarters of a basketball game.

-Details such as a bezel designed to mimic a basketball net

-Push button inspired by the shape of the basketball backboard

If you are a Heat Fan and a watch collector, and most importantly, if you have $42,400 to splurge on a watch, this limited edition Hublot is a must-have in your collection.

We are not justifying the price tag, but is a Hublot, in 18k gold, and we know that long are the days were you had a watch to look at the time. Now a days watches are a social sign, a luxury.





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