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We always talk about the importance of having basics with a twist in your closet!

This Week on Stars of Tomorrow: LUCKY 7

For every day, or those lazy days where you just want to wear a t-shirt and feel comfortable but don’t want to loose the fun and style… Lucky 7 have plenty of cool options to choose from, for little kids (Little 7), men’s and women’s. Very fashionable, super comfortable tees designed with unique graphics and artwork. Sourced from the highest quality cotton, they’re literally soft to the touch and perfect for the spring and summer. The best part is that they’re very affordable as well (only $35 – $45 per tee!).

Who is behind this great idea?

Eric Wazana and Michael Fhima, are the duo behind this Montreal-based company. “Dress to express. People embraced us because our tees elicit a reaction. They provoke, they make people think about the culture that we live in – the slogans, the artwork, the graphics, everything that is unique to this generation,” says Fhima.

What makes Lucky 7 stand out is their effortless ability to immortalize our pop culture tokens and icons through their unique conversational tees. A bold, neon blue t-shirt emblazoned with the words “Everyday I’m Shuffling” will likely puzzle future generations. As will “Born This Way” and “There’s No Crying in Fashion,” when LMFAO, Lady Gaga and Anna Wintour become anachronistic relics of the past. In essence, Lucky 7 tees are emblematic, glittering declarations of our present time.

Keeping things local has been their mantra from the beginning. Mostly sourced, printed, and dyed locally, Lucky 7 is a uniquely Canadian brand. Aside from conversational tees, they’ve expanded to include a women’s line, a vintage men’s line, and even Little 7 – their newest collection for kids. Sold in 200 stores across the country, Lucky 7 is available at all the top retailers, including Stylexchange, Jean Machine, and Bleu Marine. They’re also available internationally in France, Russia, Dominican Republic, and the UAE.

For more info contact

Amina Qureshi
64 B. Rue Prince, Montreal QC H3C 2M8
o. 514.807.9578
c. 514.451.4646
t. @amooq

and visit

 Lucky 7’s plans for the future?

Introducing jean manufacturing techniques to their t-shirts – a unique approach that has never been seen before in the garment industry. In effect, it will create shirts with different “washes” just like denim. Other than that, they plan on doing what they do best – creating traditional t-shirts with a distinctly pop-cultural twist.

We can’t wait to see all the new styles with different “washes” that really sounds like a basic traditional t-shirt with a twist!



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