Stars of Tomorrow: ABO London ~ Luxury Scarves

This week on STARS OF TOMORROW we are introducing a great talent that will have every single one of you wearing scarves. These silk squares are so versatile and easy to style that you can wear them as almost everything (turbans, belts, hijabs (for those edgy muslim fashionistas)); they are great accessories that can never be missing in your wardrobe and remember one is not enough there are 365 days a year…
Here is the history behind the “Made in Great Britain” ABO Scarves:
One day in London two friends Aliya and Aizhan got together to create something different and fresh. They both had diverse professional background, Central Asian upbringing plus European education and experience. As they both were keen on accessories, fashion and art, they decided to start making silk scarves as scarves are women’s best friends. Scarves are affordable and can be little everyday luxuries that is easy to wear and store.¬†They also saw the gap on the market as so many scarves made in India or Italy, but not many made in the UK.
The core principal behind the ABO London brand is the union of art and fashion celebrated on silk. Our scarves are manufactured in the UK and it is totally British product. Currently the prices start from £115 as it is limited-edition piece of wearable art made from pure silk and some are hand finished.
In the future ABO will introduce jewellery and other accessories and we can’t wait to see what this duo will come up with! We are positive we are going to be fan of their jewelry as we are already fan of their scarves!
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How stunning are these scarves?

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