Style Advice for Men ~ What to Wear for a Wedding?


We mostly talk about women’s fashion, but we never forget about men’s fashion and the important role it should play in every men’s life.

For this reason we are now adding a section on our blog Style Advice for Men, where once a week we will talk about men’s fashion, styling tips for men, men’s grooming everything that will help you (men readers) or you loved one look the best they can.

Today we are featuring…. WHAT TO WEAR TO A WEDDING!

First you need to take into account the location (to define weather and style) and time of the wedding (to define dress code (usually black tie weddings happen at night, and day weddings are less formal)).

-Beach Wedding (Day Time/Night Time): Wear color! blue, pink, beige, grey, light green (if you like to play with fashion). Wear linen, it’s the best fabric to use in hot weather to keep you fresh and elegant. White is always a classic in beach weddings, but if you want to look different add a pop of color with your shirt, bow tie, tie, blazer or pants. You will not only look elegant but stylish. I’m (Maria)¬†a fan of monochromatic looks, so I will go for a light blue all monochromatic linen suit and shirt, or a marine inspired white and blue look, or white with color for a day wedding.


-Country Wedding (Day Time/Night Time): Country Weddings usually happen in the afternoon, they are more formal than a beach wedding so we would recommend wearing a suit. If the invitation doesn’t say black tie, you can have fun with the color of your suit, try wearing grey, light brown, beige, off-white, dark blue.


-City Wedding (Day Time/Night Time): They are usually the most formal of the three options, even if the invitation doesn’t say black tie. If you would like a change of the traditional tuxedo, you can wear a dark blue tuxedo and/or play with the color of the bow tie (Lanvin does it best- Last look from left to right). If the wedding is formal wear dark colored suits and add a hint of color in your pocket (with your pocket square) or tie. If you don’t want to wear a tie you can wear a polka dot burgundy color pocket square as scarf that will add elegance to your look (center look~ look 4)


*all looks can be find at Mr. Porter

Stylish men will always attract attention!






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