Breaking News… Breaking Collaboration!


Remember when we told you about the Manolo Blahnik and J.Crew shoe collaboration? Well.. bad news ! is not happening anytime soon

Back in Feb it was reported that Manolo Blahnik had no idea of this collaboration. “I have been approached so many times to do one, but I don’t want to work for a big company where I’ll have to have lots of meetings where I’m told what I can and can’t do. My niece, Kristina, handles that sort of thing for me – it’s just not for me. I was recently contacted by J Crew to do something with them, so I sent them over 45 pairs of shoes, and they announced we were doing a collaboration. I had no idea about it!”

But there is still hope and is all in good terms now, the two companies have talked and agreed that fall is not the best time to launch the collaboration. The good news is that the doors are not completely closed according to Manolo Blahnik’s president George Malkemus “We hope to do something together in the future.”

We hope too!! and we hope is not a far future!




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