Zara ~ New Global Concept Store on Fifth Avenue New York

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  • Date Posted:  March 20th, 2012
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Basing in 4 principles: Beauty, Clarity, Functionality and Sustainability, Zara opens its new Global Concept Store in the heart of the most common fashion street in America, Fifth Avenue.

With a clean, neutral colors ambiance the store resembles different environments all related to the fashion industry. Stairs with mannequins which gives the look of a catwalk and divisions in the store that make you feel in a boutique. The boutique -like divisions will carry specific collections.

The Cherry on the cake: the store is Eco-Friendly…..

“The result of these measures is a store that consumes 30% less energy annually than the average for a conventional shop, uses 70% less water and prevents atmospheric emissions of more than 150 tonnes of CO2 per year.”

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WOW… Zara is stepping up their game. Great for Zara!, Great for us as customer and Great for the world. 



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  1. Carolina says:

    Me encanta Zara!!!

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