Mirror, Mirror Who’s The Fairest of Them All? Costume Designer Eiko Ishioka


Having mixed reviews already Mirror, Mirror is now playing. But here at Styles of Tomorrow, we are not film experts and critics, we rather stay with what’s important to us FASHION. And there is something good and special about Mirror, Mirror that makes it our top movie of the year so far. Have you seen the incredible and elaborated costumes?

The creative mind behind them is not other but the legendary Eiko Ishioka. If you are not familiar with her, you sure are familiar with her work, she won an Oscar, a¬†Grammy award, and two Tony awards. Her pieces of art (designs) have appeared in museums, she designed for Cirque Du Soleil’s Show Varekai, and inspired many designers such as Alexander McQueen and Victor and Rolf.

The Japanese costume designer died this past January at the age of 76. Films, Operas, Broadway, and the public will sure miss her and her work. Mirror, Mirror was her last work and one of the most outstanding we could say.

We have captured the best images of the movie that represent her work. We are astonished with the perfection of these elaborated dresses. We wonder how many yards of fabrics she used?

How stunning is the last white dress worn by ¬†Julia Roberts, the Red one for sure will catch everyone’s attention, just like the swan inspired dress worn by Snow White (Lilly Collins).




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