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News News News!!! Styles of Tomorrow will now be reporting the latest fashion trends, news and everything  else from overseas.

I’m traveling to Colombia for the rest of the month, I will miss Gabby and our SOT Party Time tremendously!!! But I will be sharing with you everything fashionably interesting that I might see in my country, new designers, trends, styling tips, plus Gabby will also be sharing with us her helpful fashion trends forecast.

Packing for so many days is never easy!!!

I must to admit I am terrible at packing. But I’ve gotten better with time! So I am sharing some of the tips I followed this time while packing!

1. Never ever take clothes you haven’t wear in the past 3 months! Chances are you will not wear them while traveling. Don’t take with your the “maybes” of your wardrobe

2. Pack you basics.V-neck t-shirts in all colors are a must! light weighted, they won’t occupied a lot of space and they are easy to style and go with everything. Button down shirts will dress you up for any occasion. Take with you your favorite pair of jeans. ***ALWAYS pack the most special pieces from your wardrobe, you never know where life will take you. ***

3. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories… Take them all! they can make your outfit look so much better.

4. SHOES, SHOEs, SHOes, SHoes, Shoes, shoes… There is a pair for every day. I know here is where you are supposed to take just a couple that go with everything, but thats just not me. But I moderated myself and packed the most neutral shoes, Flats that will go with everything, flat sandals, High heeled sandals in neutral tones (Like nude) that will go either with your gold or silver accessories, Classic black pumps and don’t forget to take that killer shoe that will stop eyes in the streets.

5. Handbags, just take around 3. One for night, and 2 for the day.


Hope this tips are helpful. I will  see you all on Monday. Same blog, same girls, different country!



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