Pre-Carnivals In Barranquilla ~ Country Club Comparsa


As you may know I’m in Barranquilla, Colombia, just in time for the so waited Carnival. Yesterday I had the presentation of the “comparsas” at the Country Club. Is my fist time in the carnival so I had no idea what to expect.

The presentation was beyond what I thought, young kids (5-12 years old) and teenagers (13-17) performed small choreographies with gorgeous carnival dresses (some of them remind me of ballet tutus, and think about the dresses of a carnival in Rio de Janeiro, with feathers and a lot, I mean A LOT of sparkle) and great charisma.

I wanted to take a video of the whole presentation to show all of you how beautiful these performances were. So I took a couple of pictures to share with you and uploaded some videos you can watch here, Here , here, and Here

How adorable are this mini Minnies and Mickeys?

I take my hat off to the Queen of the Juvenile group (13-17 years old) I was impressed on how good she dances.

 My cousin and her best friend were part of the show as well. They danced a remix of “Who run the world” by Beyonce, Daddy Yankee and much more

 How cool is this “Star Wars” inspired theme? What I liked the most is that men were also part of the show and danced.

 Paying tribute to our Arab (mostly Lebanese) inheritance they added an Arab dance to the show.

Imagine 7-8 years old kids dancing “Party Rock”, “I’m Sexy and I know it”, “Grease” and much much more…they had their own party going on at the stage.


I had so much fun watching everyone dance! I want to be the Queen next year.

Cameras were not allowed so this are the best pictures and videos I was able to take with my phone




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