New York Fashion Week Collaborations ~ Manolo Blahnik & J.Crew Edition


Most important trend now a days? Fashion Collaborations.

The latest name to be added to the list is Manolo Blahnik (even though he once stated that he will not be doing any mass-market collaborations).

“I recently turned down a lot of money to create a mass-market type product. I don’t want to make that sort of money if I am polluting my brand.” -Blahnik, Wall Street Journal

The brand won’t be collaborating with Target or H&M for now, but has collaborated with J.Crew to redesign their infamous pointy toes “BB” heels. Maybe this is why Blahnik accepted the collaboration, we are thinking more of Manolo Blahnik available at J.Crew with their signature printed fabrics and a couple of changes here and there. The 41 different designs of the “BB” shoe will be available at this fall.

Dear Manolo fans, don’t get too excited. Unlike any other mass-market collaboration the shoes won’t retail for a considerable affordable price. They will rather be priced for a similar price range of a regular Manolo Blahnik shoe. We are thinking around the $500 area.

If you want a sneak peak take a look at the gallery below

To all our Manolo fans,


Gabriella Celiberti and Maria Jimenez Fierro





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