Barranquilla’s Carnival 2012

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The Carnival is finally over and here is the review on my first experience!

“The most organized disorder”

The best part of all of it was the energy of the city. Its unbelievable how happy and excited everyone was. Everywhere you went people where dancing waiting for the weekend. The whole city gets paralyzed, stores close earlier, streets get closed, there is no school from Thursday (on Friday usually they have the comparsas at school where they choose the queen of the carnival for each school) to Tuesday.

Starting Thrusday when they Queen of the Carnival of Barranquilla (The official, as there are other thousand queens) is crowned, there are parties throught the whole city, from clubs to hotels, there are private parties everywhere which I recommend attending. In these parties the most famous singers of the country and international latin artist (this year Marc Anthony, Sergio Vargas, Eddie Herrera, Oscar de Leon) present themselves. (Note** this parties start at 9-10 and usually end at 5-6 am of the next day), if you like this type of music you will find this parties fun. This is what I wore to one of the parties. I went on a Carnival spirit and wore an Harlequin inspired costume.

Dancing with my dad

** bought this pants at H&M Dubai back in late October and now…. Deja Vu!!! Similar style by Rag and Bone available at Intermix


Aside from the parties celebrating the Carnival, the official Carnival itself have various events. One of them is the “Battle of Flowers” where  all the comparsas of the city, all the most important crowned queens and famous artists, actors and actresses walk on the parade. Beautiful costumes, colors and dances, but it was my first and last time at the “Battle of Flowers” or how is called in spanish Batalla de Flores. It last too long (+/-6 hours) and there were too many blank spaces between comparsas where the streets were empty. People were having fun, but it was definitely not something I enjoyed. Here are some pictures of the “Battle of Flowers”

Hope this help you understand  a little more about the Carnival.




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