Trend Report ~ What to Wear NOW!


Fashion is a fast paced industry, always changing with trends that are coming and going. We have received a lot of questions asking us about trends for the season right now. So… here it is, I’ve chosen the most practical and relevant trends that are going on NOW!

1. Winter Florals

Spring is just a month away. What better way to pass the transition of winter to spring with these floral printed jeans?

2. Oversized Career Clutch
Take your night clutch out to the light of the day as well. Clutches blend perfectly with your business wardrobe.
3. The Skinny Belt
Perfect for dresses, skirts, short, pants and jeans. Skinny never looked better.
4. Neon Colored Blazer
Add a pop of color to your look with your blazer. Either bright fuchsia or yellow will make you an statement.
5. Ethnic Inspired Shoes
From left to Right: Carven, Matthew Williamson and Burberry teach us how to wear this trend. Forget plain nude heels… and.. Think Prints
6. The Head Scarf
Scarves and triangles are worn on the head. This trend makes our lives easier if we are trying to hide a bad day hair
7. Cat Eyes
They have been for a couple of seasons now and they are staying for a couple more. In all sizes and variations (angular and amplified) Cat Eye sunglasses is what you should be wearing to fight the bright rays of the sun or just let them be your social sign for “Do Not Disturb” Thanks.
8. Layering Neons
Don’t use more than 3 (three) different colors.
9. Neck Bangles
Maria’s Favorite! Delicate yet strong enough to make eyes turn to you. Torques (neck bangles) are a worth investment
From left to right: Hermes, Tommy Hilfiger, Lanvin
10. Hammered Metals
Turn it in a DIY proyect… Hammer away!

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