Natural Homemade Beauty Treatments

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We all agree that the best outfit one can wear is a glowing beautiful skin and a shinny hair.

What better way to achieve this than with natural healthy products?

Here is a list of my favorite natural homemade beauty treatments. I have tried them myself and can certainty say that they work.

1. Vitamin E:

Find it in… wheat germ oil, almonds, sunflower seeds, whole grains, wheat germ, spinach, and a number of oils are a common source of Vitamin E. Pills are also a way for getting the benefits of this vitamin. Break the Vitamin E oil pill and use the inside.

Apply it… in your skin mainly in the wrinkles around the lips (the so called laugh lines) and on the eye bones (tip, tip: never apply creams for wrinkles under de eyes, in the area of the dark circles.¬†Always apply where you fill your eye bone)

Your skin… will feel moisturized and glowing. It will highly help you reduce the lines of expression in your face.

2. Avocado and Honey Face Mascara:

Mix it… smash the avocado while mixing it with honey

Simple and easy… apply it in your skin and leave it for a couple of minutes (15-30). After, wash it off.

Results… a smooth, naturally glowing and moisturized skin.

3. Avocado Hair Treatment: This one is specially for dry hair victims

Ingredients… 1/2 avocado, 1/2 banana, 1 tbl. oil or almond oil, 1tbl. orange juice

Mix the party… blend all the ingredients together until you make a mascara and apply it your hair

Tic, Toc, Tic, Toc… Leave the mascara in your hair for around 25-30 mins. Wash it off as usual.

A is for Avocado and for an A+++ hair.

4. Biotin:

Take one to two pills per day depending on the mgc of the pills (don’t exceed the 1000 mgc per day). They are perfect for the growth of your hair, nails and healthier looking skin. Your hair will be stronger, longer and healthier.

5. Henna Hair Treatment:

This is the secret of arab women. Their black, thick, healthy and strong hair is thanks to this natural product. Henna is not only used for the temporary tattoos in their hands but also for their hair.

Natural Henna is found as a powder and to make it a mascara, a thick paste, easy to apply, mix it with a liquid acid such as lemon, orange juice. Apply it to the hair and leave it for a couple of hours, some people like to sleep with it and take it off the next day (when applying be careful as it can stay in your skin and clothes for days). When taking it off do not apply shampoo or conditioner, just wash it off.

***If you have curly hair and wish to reduce them, henna can help you!!!

Tip, Tip… Is very important to know that Henna can give you different hues depending on you natural hair color.

-If you have black natural color, henna will make your hair look super shiny, and thick with dark red highlights under the sun.

-If you have a brown natural hair color, henna will light up your hair a little to red.

I recommend this for woman with black or very dark brown hair color. Change of color varies very much depending on the natural base. If you are looking just for a mascara for your hair that makes it look stronger and shiny then use it if you have black or super dark brown hair color.

Hope you like my mom’s and grandma’s beauty recipes. Use my secret wisely and contact me if you have further questions.

Love ,

Maria JF.


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