Kanye West is such an active Twitter User


If you have a twitter account and you follow Kanye West, you must know by now how crazy he went last night clearing things up about his fashion career, his point of view on education and mostly everything that was going in his mind at that time, and we LOVED IT. From giving the exclusive in his fashion background to letting the world know about his new business venture Kanye expressed himself to the world of who he is and what he is looking forward to.

He interned at Fendi giving advice for the menswear line (under covered of course), he turn down a big opportunity with Versace because of his 2 year contract with Louis Vuitton, he moved to Japan where he designed every night, he has been working in fashion for 8 years now (who would have guessed?), as a child he will go for expensive fur coats….. I mean there is a lot u have to discovered about Kanye West, his ideas and businesses. Take a look yourself on his twitter account @kanyewest.

Aren’t you so intrigue to know more about DONDA?

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