Introducing U*Tique Shop


While spending some quality time at Aventura Mall with my dearest friend Gabby, we found the U*Tique Shop and it totally caught our attention.

Introducing the U*Tique, a boutique dispenser to buy pretty much cute gifts on the go, or random items that you might find in a place like Urban Outfitters. No sales associates needed, you see the product on the vitrine and you buy it (imagine yourself buying coca-cola, or water in a dispenser, but instead you get a Dogeared karma necklace).

We don’t think is a bad idea at all, we just think the selection of the items being sold can always be better even though they have a good concept of offering a variety of selections from beauty products, to traveling kits, gifts for her and him and games. The U*tique is perfect to grab an on-the-go-gift if you are in ┬árush “Because Time is Luxury” as they say in their campaign.

If you want to know more check out their website U*TIQUE


Maria & Gabby


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