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Haus Designs by Sierra Moses

Why? Because Haus Designs is more than a brand thats design Men’s and Women’s garments in outerwear, RTW, evening, accessories, couture and “Haus Specials”, which is their custom made service, they also provide wardrobe and styling to models, photographers and photoshoot projects. All their “Haus” garment samples are available for rent at a rate of 10% of the garments retail price!! This is what we call a “TOP PORT” Combo

Who is Sierra Moses? Sierra Moses is a 25 year old St. Louis native. She Started in fashion a little over 10 yrs ago. She realized that fashion is not just about “dressing up!” It’s a medium that allows people to express themselves and feel their absolute best. As time progressed fashion and art became such a big part of her. So, while getting her BFA in Fashion Design at Lindenwood University, Sierra realized that it was time for her to reach her potential. Not being satisfied with her college based knowledge of fashion she took it upon herself to study and research new and innovative techniques from any literature she could get her hands on. With that being said, Haus Designs was born.

What is “Haus Designs”?  Haus Designs is a design firm dealing with both Men’s and Women’s garments in outerwear, RTW, evening, accessories, couture and “Haus Specials”, which are Sierra’s custom designs. Haus Designs have been featured in many local fashions shows, two local magazines, and claimed the The Perfect Fit award in 2009. Haus produces key power pieces that express both femininity and strength with exceptional attention to detail and fit. Haus represents the true female experience!

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  1. Hello,
    I love your work. I am a Beauty, Print, Commercial Model based in Chicago,IL. I would love to submit my photos
    for you review. I would like to model your designs. I am the young face for you! Thank you for taking the time to review them. Isabella-Model Viola (Facebook).
    Roseann Viola-Mother
    Isabella Viola
    8562 W. WInnemac #1
    Chgo,IL 60656

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