Babies with Style


Not so NEWS! Everyday we find out of a new Hollywood Star is pregnant or adopting a baby, it’s not even shocking anymore. Now what is shocking are the outfits that some of these moms are buying for their babies (not to mention the size of their walk in closets!! think of a Carrie from Sex and City to get an idea :) !!)

Check out some A-List babies and their closets (that we all wish we had).


Rachel Zoe – Baby Skylar | Between his (not only 1 but 3) Custom made Missoni Sweaters, Gucci Leather Jacket and loafers, we cant figure out what which to obsesses over the most

Sandra Bullock  - Louis Bullock | Little Louis Bullock  sporting his leather aviator cap, distressed denim, sneakers and a cozy sweater

 Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes – Suri Cruise | Even though she is not a baby anymore, Suri is always looking stylish in all her outfits.From an $850 Ferragamo bag to  a shoe collections  that is reportedly worth over $160,000!!!




































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