While You Were Sleeping… Dubai Fashion Week


For the past 5 days the (October 20-24) designers, buyers, fashion entrepreneurs from all around the world gathered in Dubai for the fashion week.

When you think Dubai or Middle East don’t think of just Burqas, Hijabs and Abayas anymore, these countries have extended their fashion view to new heights. What make this fashion week in particular different from the rest is the mixture of international and local designers (local refers not only Dubai but the surroundings). In the runways you can find short mini dresses, sleeveless tops, McQueen inspired dresses, and also full covered abayas with beautiful embroidery and design. There are plenty of options to choose from.

This 6th edition of Dubai Fashion Week showed the influence of fashion in all cultures of the world.

More than a runway, designers seem to had put a show together to present their collections by having a model on a camel, a model entering the stage looking runway in a motorcycle and some of them having signature arab dances from the gulf country.

Below find our TOP PORT looks and designers from the Dubai Fashion Week.

To have more information go to Dubai Fashion Week or Official Fashion Week on Facebook



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